About Kenneth Gillette

1399129574_Photo on 2011-01-14 at 11.51 Kenneth E Gillette possesses training in resource development and as an executive liaison always willing to volunteer his services in the nonprofit sector. Among his areas of expertise are forming executive relationships, marketing, and engaging with the community. Mr Kenneth E Gillette also has experience with fundraising and donor development.

A former Vice President and Wealth Management advisor with Citi / Smith Barney in Cincinnati Ohio, United States. Kenneth Gillette has acquired experience in both the financial and the nonprofit industries dealing with high net worth clients. His skills range from executive relationship development and financial operations to youth training and fundraising with private foundations. Prior to joining Citi / Smith Barney, Mr. Gillette held executive positions with Paine Webber and Merrill Lynch. While with Merrill Lynch, he received award from Robert J McCann Vice Chairman and President Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group for his philanthropic achievements with the children in the Cincinnati Community. Mr Gillette was lead sponsor for  the Holy Cross Immaculata Church annual fundraising program and capital campaign 2014-2020.

Kenneth Gillette begins a new chapter in his life in Social Media at Gillette & CO LLC Protecting children’s digital footprint is his main focus. On any given day, the rights of millions of children are routinely ignored as they are surveilled, exploited and manipulated by private entities via their digital interactions The rights enshrined by the united Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child should extend to the digital realm .. A child is a child until they reach maturity, not until they pick up a smartphone. Kenneth Gilletteis currently living in Cincinnati Ohio, United States.


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